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NQI: The Foundation of Consumer and Environmental Safety

A National Quality Infrastructure (NQI) is crucial for any nation in the world to effectively compete in the global marketplace. In particular, it ensures that the goods and services sold by emerging economies are produced at an internationally acceptable quality so that businesses in these economies can gain access to global markets. Businesses are more […]

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What is a National Quality Infrastructure (NQI): The benefits of NQI to Country, Commerce and Citizenry

Globalization has made it imperative for a paradigm shift in the way Caribbean countries do business. All Caribbean businesses are challenged to restructure their operations to meet international standards in order that they can remain competitive. After all, the Caribbean is only a speck in the global marketplace.  A National Quality Infrastructure (NQI) is the […]

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NQIs in the Commonwealth

A National Quality Infrastructure (NQI)is national framework that guides the production of local goods and services based on agreed standards that follow international benchmarks.  Simply put, itis a network of interconnected and interdependent public and private organisations, responsible for ensuring the quality, safety and environmental soundness of goods, services and processes in a country.   The […]

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