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Exploring Export Potential of Vital Sectors Could Be the Key to Caribbean’s Recovery

If there’s one thing the last two years have taught us as a region, it’s how vulnerable we are to shocks. But it’s also shown us how much we need productive sectors to help bounce back from the toll these shocks, such as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, can take on our economies. This is why […]

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Capacity Developed in CARIFORUM Despite Pandemic

Capacity building is often a catch-phrase in many developmental projects. Sometimes it’s clear what that term means, in other instances – not so much! What the Technical Barriers to Trade Component of the 11th EDF-EPA Programme has allowed CARIFORUM beneficiary states to practically do is prove this term true. Since the last quarter of 2020, […]

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COVID’s Impact on Resource Mobilisation

Innovation could be the answer for developmental organisations now faced with resource mobilisation challenges due to the constraints the COVID19 pandemic has placed on access to funding. In a brief Q&A with CROSQ’s Resource Mobilisation Officer, Ms. Janice Hilaire, she noted that being in tune with the needs of our CARICOM Member States, as they […]

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Building the RQI (Part 3)

From Study Tour to Regional Certification Scheme Concept Building the quality infrastructure of the CARICOM Region is not a task one can take on alone, even within the Caribbean itself. At times, it requires looking beyond our Caribbean waters to encompass the best practices and experiences of others. CROSQ, has over the past couple years […]

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After COVID19…What?

The COVID19 pandemic has revealed the benefits of working collaboratively, says CROSQ CEO, Mr. Deryck Omar. This view was shared as he addressed the United Nations Industrial Development Organization’s forum “Standards and Conformity Assessment Approaches in African, Caribbean and Pacific Regions: Fight Against COVID 19”, at the end of June 2020. “Cooperation in quality infrastructure […]

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