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Suite of Standards Out for Regional Discussion

A suite of standards for the tourism industry, ranging from environmental management to food safety and sanitation, as well as sewerage treatment management, are currently under development in CARICOM. The Tourism Suite of Standards The seven standards currently being circulated for public comment by the National Standards Bureaux in all 15 CARICOM Member States, are […]

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A Closer Look at the Components and the Stakeholders of an NQI

A National Quality Infrastructure (NQI) plays a pivotal role in creating the framework for countries to effectively compete in the global marketplace. Effective implementation of an NQI requires collaboration among key stakeholders to efficiently develop and execute each of the three

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Why is a National Quality Policy Important?

A National Quality Policy (NQP) and a National Quality Infrastructure (NQI) may seem similar on the surface. However, they are starkly different. An NQI is the framework put in place to ensure a country has strong industry standards and conforms to those standards in all aspects of national operations. On the other hand, an NQP […]

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